Cancer Research UK uses EMC technology to improve fundraising efforts
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Cancer Research UK uses EMC technology to improve fundraising efforts

One industry that has been able to leverage emerging technology is the medical research field. By using the most advanced tools from leading brands, healthcare professionals are often able to increase the rate of discovery and help save lives in the process. A recent example of this occurred when EMC announced that it had provided technology to a major cancer research charity in the U.K.

In its release, the Massachusetts-based firm said that it would provide Cancer Research UK (CRUK) with its private cloud program, which includes products from VMware for vituraulization as well. The agreement seeks to give the approximately 3,500 workers at CRUK  the ability to complete daily tasks faster.

The wide array of products being used by the cancer research organization include EMC VNX unified storage, EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems, EMCNetWorker unified backup and VMware vSphere, to assist in the organization's applications process.

According to the statement from EMC, CRUK decided to sign the major contract for the new technology because its current IT infrastructure was not providing the necessary speed and reliability. The delays caused by the inferior products were getting in the way of the firm being able to achieve full fundraising potential. 

One of the biggest issues tackled was backup and recovery for data. CRUK used the EMC products to help handle and protect the information being stored, and saved money thanks to the superior products.

As far as storage capabilities go, the organization is using EMC's FAST Suite and Total Protection Pack. CRUK was able to improve performance by 30 percent by using a FLASH 1st strategy, prioritizing the most relevant information. In addition, CRUCK is in the process of adding EMC VFCache, which is meant to help its marketing department.

CRUK's head of infrastructure, Michael Briggs, said that the new service provided by EMC would help solve many problems that the organization had been facing. He said that the previous technology in place was not adequate for all of its needs, and that the new products were more appropriate to help foster success in the future.

"As an IT department, our job is to provide our internal 'customers' with the reliable and efficient systems they need to work towards delivering Cancer Research UK's vision to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured, but we were facing significant performance issues," Briggs said in a statement. "Our previous IT infrastructure didn't have the necessary storage processing power or flexibility to handle our growing data demands and the resulting delays that our users were experiencing were something we just couldn't afford."

He went on to say that members of the staff had been "delighted" with how easy the newly deployed products had been to use.

Companies all over the world have been using EMC technology to help cut costs and maintain better data storage practices. Thanks to its superior products, the firm has been leading in sales for external storage systems. According to a recent report from IDC, EMC's second quarter revenue gave it 30.4 percent marketshare, leading the way compared to other firms. The total sales figures for all of external disk storage system reached $6 billion, a 6.5 percent increase from the previous period.