EMC and Cisco to maintain relationship despite Juniper rumors
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EMC and Cisco to maintain relationship despite Juniper rumors

Despite many businesses moving to cloud solutions, storage hardware is still a major part of many corporate infrastructure plans. Recently, EMC was rumored to be acquiring Juniper in a move meant to diversify its holdings, but also pull the company away from its primary partner, Cisco. It seems those rumors, however, were false. EMC is still having issues finding its way in a corporate society rife with diverse offerings, but it appears there is no reason to anticipate any shakeup with the entity.

More opportunities
The last few months have not been as kind to EMC as the technology manufacturer might have liked. According to recent quarterly reports, the company has taken a bit of a hit on its third quarter income, and future projections are also on the decline, NASDAQ reported. On the bright side, while other sectors of the business may have suffered somewhat, storage devices and platforming tools were up slightly, and Symmetrix tools were also seeing about 5 percent increases since earlier in the year.

Much of the stagnancy in this realm could be due to innovations in other sectors of IT storage, the source stated, since many corporations are making aggressive moves toward the cloud. Some speculation as to the merger with Juniper could have been due to this fluctuation in technology trends.

A misnomer in data storage
Despite what some companies may think, cloud implementation does not necessarily mean that businesses can more easily communicate safely with one another. Like any other hardware or software implementation, adding a new utility to the spectrum can add benefits and create risks, just as incorporating a new entity like Juniper could have harmed EMC at the same time.

Joe Tucci of EMC told Business Journals that adding Juniper to its holdings could have added a new layer of networking capability to its offering, an option that draws many clients to the cloud, but doing so could have damaged its focus on hardware-driven offerings. This has long been the primary driver behind EMC's deployments, Tucci said, and while Juniper offers superb services for the sector it appeals to, his company would rather continue offering the reliability and security of hardware-driven implementations.