EMC earns proves dedication to clean energy with new LEED certification
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EMC earns proves dedication to clean energy with new LEED certification

One of the major missions of many of today's IT leaders is to develop technologies that aid businesses and individuals in achieving sustainability. While some of these companies may simply do this by developing environmentally-friendly solutions and infrastructures, others are going beyond that standard to make sure that even the facilities they operate from are of the highest efficiency. Recently, EMC announced that its first U.S. Center for Excellence has achieved LEED Gold certification.

The center, located in Durham, North Carolina, houses a massive EMC data center dedicated to powering many of the organization's established cloud computing and virtualization capabilities. The location's facilities cover 450,000 square feet.

EMC noted that in striving to meet the requirements of LEED Gold, the company reduced their energy usage by 34 percent, reduced water use by 78 percent and decreased the building's carbon footprint by 100 million pounds. The center also implements a free cooling system more than half of the year.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED certification offers a number of benefits. Not only are the buildings energy and water efficient, but because they make use of advanced utilities and energy IT solutions, they are less expensive to maintain than non-certified facilities. In addition, they are healthier and safer for employees and help companies publicly establish their dedication to ecological and efficiency values. 

"Our Durham Center of Excellence not only showcases the power of cloud computing and IT as a Service, but it also demonstrates to EMC's customers our leadership in sustainability and energy efficiency," said Bob Hawkins, vice president of North Carolina operations, EMC. "Earning LEED certification is another milestone for this state-of-the-art facility."

The Durham location is one of seven similar EMC data centers worldwide, all of which have earned LEED certification.