EMC gains new focus on storage
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EMC gains new focus on storage

The importance of maintaining a secure server structure is at the top of every company's list of IT desires. At the same time, these organizations want to be able to make use of collaborative networks and flexible databases, meaning they need to find tools that will protect their continuity while still giving them access to these files whenever they need them. EMC's 2012 Industry Analyst Summit showed that the manufacturer is doing more to come up with tools that cater to these needs.

The next generation
ECommerce Times reported that the recent event revealed the new focus of EMC moving into the new year, and reflected on the trials and tribulations of months past. The source reported that backup and recovery services will take center stage in development importance, allowing EMC to push for higher security from all of its deployments, though flexibility will still be a key issue.

Part of this drive will need to include VCE, the partner company of EMC and Cisco. ECommerce Times noted that building solutions while considering both ends of the operational spectrum, both the housing and transmission processes, will allow EMC to anticipate issues and create more watertight solutions.

Finding the middle ground
The balancing act between these dynamics needs to be just right in order to derive a solution that can adequately provide both aspects of the equation, a tall order for EMC in 2013. The source wrote that deduplication services will likely be at the forefront of the company's offerings, acting as a bridge between solid state tape and disk solutions and their online and cloud counterparts, protecting and servicing each.

Deduplication is already seeing positive use and support of active systems in businesses around the world. TechTarget wrote that Teach For America, a nonprofit that services schools around the country, has changed its New York State backup tape system by adding deduplicated disk drives to its array. The source stated that this allows for an intermediary step between online resources like the cloud and solid state archive tools, presenting a barricade in terms of file security, as well as a launching pad for faster online retrieval and updating.

As Thomas Licciardello, vice president of Teach For America's technology operations, told TechTarget, the company must rely on its backup and recovery solutions to hold a huge volume of information for the long term. As a nonprofit entity, the organization must retain documents on all of its financial records for years at a time, and failing to adequately meet that target could result in a loss of federal funding.