EMC increases security presence
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EMC increases security presence

The data security industry has been expanding as rapidly as big data and cloud deployments will allow, creating terabytes of new information on a daily basis that must be wrangled, analyzed, archived or deleted. This landscape is also fraught with dangers, from unintentional internal misuse to external incursion on security. Even without the threat of hacking, a number of scenarios can result in continuity outages, be it a natural disaster at the corporate headquarters or a server failure at a remote hosting station. No matter the type of security failure, what counts is that companies do not always have a reliable fallback in the event of a disaster.

EMC recently partnered with another software Silver Tail Systems, a corporation known for its RSA and cloud support, as it is a new age deployment designed to move with collaborative solutions like virtual and public cloud details. This move serves to bolster its security and recovery offerings, taking a quick step forward in improving its position in the business continuity market.

Expanding data markets
Silver Tail is still a private entity, The Register reported, though it is now owned outright by EMC Inc. A statement from the new owner shared its emphasis toward increased cloud security measures and overarching interests in corporate continuity, saying the merger signified a new age for EMC's fraud detection and file tracking capabilities.

As a well-connected entity, EMC's acquisition of Silver Tail puts it in a good place in terms of networking, because as TechCrunch stated, Silver Tail knows everyone in the game. The security vendor has ties to Leapfrog, Citi Ventures and other cloud developers looking to keep their solutions flexible yet safe in the public sphere.

"In terms of bookings, year-over-year we had been planning to grow by four times, but we ended up on track to grow by eight or nine times," said Silver Tail CEO Tim Eades. "Revenue was even greater growth, with 10 to 15 times as much growth year-over-year."

This shows how competitive and successful Silver Tail technology has become in its short tenure as a cloud and public storage security solution, TechCrunch wrote. By joining forces with an established and respected organization like EMC Software, both entities stand to benefit by way of word of mouth and overall impression that their names bring to technology discussions. As the source noted, EMC offered Silver Tail more than $2 billion in the acquisition process, putting both entities in a better position to expand their potential in new technology spheres.

Expanding interests
EMC has been looking to acquire and grow in a number of different markets, not just cloud computing, as Computerworld detailed. The source outlined the recent enhancement of EMC's relationship with Rackspace, improving its existing hold on the solid state storage industry.

"Security, reliability and efficiency are some of the fundamental components that organizations look for as they move workloads into the cloud," said Lincoln Lincoln, EMC's cloud practice manager, in a statement from IDG. "The cloud market is booming. With that in place, the market needs vendors to provide cloud services and hence storage as well."

By incorporating both solid state storage and cloud deployments, EMC stands to make itself an invaluable asset to comprehensive corporate data continuity plans. Bridging these kinds of gaps helps businesses determine how best to protect and allocate their assets so that they maintain a constant level of information governance while still using modern collaboration tools. As IDG stated, companies must understand the markets they occupy, and data management is a key part of that equation.