EMC partners with Alpine Data Labs to launch new products
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EMC partners with Alpine Data Labs to launch new products

Leading technology company EMC recently announced that it was teaming up with Alpine Data Labs to help users gain access to data analytics and get better information based on calculated figures from computers.

In a statement, Apline Data Labs and EMC announced that they had reached an agreement to implement EMC Greenplum to more companies around the world. The system will be used in conjunction with Apline’s application that works across a number of different platforms. According to the companies, the product is easy to implement and will make collaboration better.

The products seek to "move beyond traditional business intelligence" and allow companies to extract even more value from the data that has already been collected from clients. Industries including banking, healthcare and publishing will be able to predict behavior better through the tools, the firms stated, by creating predictive analysis. The firms also touted the fact that the products are the first social toolset introduced for Big Data, giving people the chance to analyze Chorus datasets in a timely manner.

The leadership at EMC said it was pleased with its latest offering and that its massive customer base was likely to benefit significantly from the expanded tools.  In a statement, EMC’s Greenplum president Bill Cook said that the move was just the latest in an ongoing effort to give users the most superior products possible for data analysis.

"EMC is committed to exposing the value of in-database analytics, and Alpine Data Labs is a natural partner for us in helping our customers move beyond traditional business intelligence to leverage their Big Data to achieve better business results faster," Cook said.

EMC has come to other agreements in recent week to help increase profits and expand its marketshare around the world. The company signed a deal with Lenovo, which is owned by IBM, to help further integrate into the Asian market. EMC’s chief marketing marketing officer, Jeremy Burton, said that the deal would help take advantage of business opportunities in China.