EMC storage solutions preserve cultural touchstones
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EMC storage solutions preserve cultural touchstones

In 2012, the Vatican Apostolic Library announced that it would be embarking on a project to digitize its vast collection of historical manuscripts. However, the institution found itself coping with technical difficulties. Now, big data management leader EMC has stepped in to provide the library with advanced storage solutions, continuing the company's legacy of supporting cultural preservation efforts.

EMC plans to supply the library with 2.8 petabytes of storage. Among the solutions that the company plans to provide are the EMC Isilon scale-out NAS and EMC Atmos object storage, as well as the EMC NetWorker​, to address data backup and recovery needs.

The Vatican Apostolic Library is one of the world's oldest libraries. It is home to more than 80,000 manuscripts and close to 9,000 more incunabula, all of which are slated for digitization over the course of the project. The tools provided by EMC will be sufficient to store the 40 million pages the library hopes to put online in the next three years.

Once the materials are converted, the library plans to offer free public access to accounts of Ancient Greek philosophers, a 4th Century manuscript of the Greek Bible and the incunabulum of Pius II's De Europa, which dates back to 1491, among other priceless texts.

EMC formed the Information Heritage Initiative in 2007 with the goal of using technology to assist institutions and individuals in preserving important cultural artifacts. 

"A special group of men and women around the world serve as guardians, guides, contributors and advocates of information heritage collections and compilations," said, Joe Tucci, EMC chairman, president and CEO. "The EMC Information Heritage Initiative will seek out, recognize, honor and support those who demonstrate exemplary stewardship of the world's information treasures, whether on a global, national, regional, local or personal scale."

Since 2007, EMC has taken on a number of initiatives in addition to its involvement with the Vatican's library. The company has supplied Korea's Cheongju Early Printing Museum with networked storage solutions, assisted in the 3D digital reconstruction of Leonardo da Vinci's "Codex of Flight" and helped digitize the JFK Library's extensive collections, among other projects.

With the help of modern storage technologies, cultural institutions are better able to preserve valuable artifacts than ever before, and EMC is leading the field with a strong example of how service providers can support these efforts.