EMC, VMware launch new platform
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EMC, VMware launch new platform

As the technological capabilities become more advanced and enterprises display more complex needs, the IT industry must develop the right tools to help businesses meet their goals. EMC and VMware recently announced the launch of Pivotal, a new company that aims to do just that.

Pivotal is planning the launch of Pivotal One, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that aims to improve developer productivity, allow companies to continue leveraging legacy systems and enable better use of the cloud. Pivotal will employ 1,250 people, including more than 700 engineers who have served as leaders in fields such as data science, cloud computing, open source software and more.

Information Age reported that at a press conference, Paul Martiz, CEO of Pivotal, explained the significance of PaaS and how it can help organizations achieve results.

"The first generation was the mainframe, and was designed for automating financial activities," he said. "The second generation was driven by the need for more sophisticated applications, which in turn need more sophisticated hardware."

Martiz, who also once served a VMware's CEO, suggested that the IT industry is standing on the precipice of major change due to the need for a third platform that meets the needs of even more advanced apps. 

Pivotal is already receiving significant support. GE announced that it is not only investing about $105 million in the company, but that it plans to use Pivotal's services as well.