IT spending on the uptick
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IT spending on the uptick

The past several years have been difficult for American businesses across almost every industry. Because of  this, many leaders had put their IT planning on hold, but as economic recovery continues, many companies may be resuming these activities. Because spending on the right IT solutions can lead to improved organizational efficiency, stronger bottom lines and more engaged customers, organizations are likely to find these investments worthwhile.

Bloomberg noted that EMC's Chief Financial Officer David Goulden recently spoke to the pick-up in IT spending during a visit to London. The source said that according to Goulden, firms are increasingly allocating funds to a wide range of different technologies, including the cloud, big data and mobility solutions. 

"Progressive companies are looking at how they can leverage these new platforms to change the way they do business," Goulden said, the news provider reported.

Financial Times pointed out that earlier in the year, Gartner forecast that global IT spending is likely to increase by approximately 4.2 percent in 2013. While Richard Gordon, managing vice-president at Gartner, told the source that this rate of change is low for the IT sector, it may actually indicate that the market is maturing. 

However, even if the sector is approaching maturity, that doesn't mean that companies won't be looking to improve their current portfolios of solutions. With advancements constantly introduced by industry leaders, it is inevitable that the most innovative businesses will be eager to make an effort to stay ahead of the curve. After all, this may give them an edge over any competitors that may have lagged behind in the realm of information technology implementation.

Of course, it is always critical for organizations to carefully consider which IT tools are right for their needs. With expert support at their sides, firms can make strong decisions that will drive them toward their goals.