Energy IT gets leap forward with IBM innovation
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Energy IT gets leap forward with IBM innovation

Finding ways of doing things faster and better from a technology standpoint has long been the calling card of IBM. The firm prides itself on being a leader in innovations ranging from deeper chip storage depths, faster flash recall times and more secure infrastructure support, but now the company is taking on energy IT improvements. Focusing on electric cars and charging stations, green energy could soon see more acceptance within international markets as IBM finds ways of making this technology cheaper and more viable.

Environmental protection and efficiency
Environmental Reader wrote that IBM is pioneering a system called B2B Marketplace, a service available to European motorists and businesses looking for better ways to charge all-electric cars. The solution aims to create a network of charging stations around the region to build a unified transportation solution that caters to every kind of electric car currently available in the European auto industry. By extending the reach of electric vehicles through strategic charging station placement, IBM hopes to encourage more sales of these kinds of autos. This will benefit the environment and car manufacturers primarily, but as the sole provider of these services currently in Europe, IBM will corner the market in electronic charging stations throughout the continent.

Digital Trends reported that the European Union could be close behind with this trend, giving IBM an inherent advantage in expanding to other neighboring regions. As part of the Green eMotion Project, an EU initiative to push more environmental solutions, reduce pollution and transition to energy efficient infrastructure, B2B Marketplace is being heralded as the standard for excellence both in energy IT and international automobile requirements. In other words, consumers will be more likely to purchase cars that work with IBM's charging stations, because these services provide the best potential for travel and service.

"This marketplace will pave the way for the electromobility mass market in Europe," Green eMotion's Heike Barlag told Green Biz. Despite IBM being one of more than 40 providers in the EU, Barlag said, the B2B initiative stands to give IBM the biggest presence in the region. "It allows for open access to charging spots throughout Europe, thus making the journey with an e-car simple and convenient."

Better overall management options
On top of the convenience of universal power availability, Triple Pundit wrote that digital docks for vehicles allows owners to make payments with any monetary device connected to the internet. These stations also allow for maintenance reviews, creating safer and better-maintained vehicles as a whole, and when less is wrong with a car on a regular basis, it's also less likely that these cars will cause collisions. Monitoring everything from battery and fluid levels to tire pressure, oil purity and gasket conditions, IBM's charging locations keep motorists up to speed on everything that's happening with their cars.

Apart from just being helpful to private owners, corporate cars and fleet management solutions can benefit greatly from these services, Triple Pundit noted. Business software can integrate with remote charging station software to keep spreadsheets, diagnostic reports and other maintenance checks on file for specific vehicles. These resources will also make logging mileage expenses easier for many companies, as drivers can review their regular charging records to find out exactly what to put on expense reports. Companies can also cross-reference these filings with vehicle logs, ensuring consistency and transparency with internal reporting.