Doctors call for electronic record keeping
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Doctors call for electronic record keeping

Many in the medical sector have called for expanded use of healthcare IT innovation in records management processes. Using cloud computing to store patient documents has been central to this discussion, with cost savings, ease of use and HIPAA compliance issues all being called into question. However, according to a recently released study, the majority of healthcare professionals are calling for a widespread adoption of electronic medical recording after realizing the strategy's benefits.

The report, undertaken by the Department of Health and Human Service, revealed that 55 percent of physicians indicating that they partake in some sort of recording keeping on computers, HealthcareITNews reported. Around 85 percent of those using the technology were satisfied with the results.

Three-fourths of the users said that their means of record keeping meets industry requirements, while another 75 percent said that by undertaking this strategy, they were able to deliver better service to patients, HealthcareITNews explained, citing study data.

Adopting electronic health records (EHRs) may also help doctors in another way, American Medical News reported. A research letter featured in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that those who use EHRs tend to face a lower amount of liability suits. This may be because of ease of use, or more time spent helping patients, rather than needing to physically document and file records.