Brazilian credit card company using IBM for data center operations
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Brazilian credit card company using IBM for data center operations

 Leading Brazilian credit card firm ValeCard will be using IBM solutions to aid in their data center management processes and document storage. Puresystems, along with the IBM SmartCloud, will be used for various processes to help the company operate in multiple industries.

After experiencing 40 percent year-over-year growth since 2009, ValeCard needed a stronger system that would account for future scalability requirements and be able to process thousands of financial transactions daily without crashing. Additionally, Brazil adopted new data availability laws and other regulations that made such a change necessary.

'IBM PureSystems gives us freedom to grow, increase our availability, allow the creation of a hot environment for Disaster Recovery and puts the company in the right direction by using new technologies such as Cloud Computing," ValeCard's operations manager Jose Ortigosa explained.

Though many corporations are choosing to leverage PureSystems because of cost-saving benefits and general ease of use, consumers can also try the platform out. IT Jungle recently reported individuals can go to the IBM developerWorks developer website and sign up for a free 90 day trial of PureSystems.