Companies rely on cloud for competitive advantage
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Companies rely on cloud for competitive advantage

The power of the cloud is becoming undeniable. With the help of virtualization consulting services, enterprises around the world are using the cost-effective and easy-to-use technologies to achieve the competitive advantage they're looking for. After all, with the help of these tools, companies are better able to serve their customers and keep internal operations running smoothly.

IBM recently announced that Trimax IT Infrastructure and Services Limited, an IT services and solutions firm, has chosen IBM's PureSystems cloud environment to reap the benefits of greater efficiency and provide their customers with better services. With the help of PureSystems, these clients will benefit from increased scalability, meaning their solutions will be able to automatically adjust to any growth. 

"We have selected IBM's Smarter Computing approach and PureSystems, as it is a fitting platform for our needs," said Rajesh Tapadia, CTO of Trimax. "The combination of IBM's technical expertise and focus on helping clients drive innovation with advanced technologies will enable us to move beyond our traditional client base and reach new markets. IBM PureFlex offers a compelling value proposition designed to scale on-demand, depending on business needs."

One reason many organizations are choosing the cloud over other IT services is that these technologies are well-suited to the nature of today's rapidly moving enterprise environment. In a survey of more than 1,500 small- and medium-sized businesses conducted by 451 Research and commissioned by Microsoft, more than 52 percent of respondents acknowledged that the cloud is beneficial either for expanding their business or realigning their firm with new strategies. In order to harness the power of these solutions, 68 percent of SMB professionals said they plan to implement hybrid cloud models within the next two years. This figure reflects the fact that the cloud is gaining speed – only 49 percent of respondents currently have these hybrid systems in place.

For small companies, it is critical not to let any opportunity to gain ground over competitors go to waste. By leveraging the cloud, businesses can not only be sure they are staying on the cutting edge of IT, but that they are using the right tools to offer their customers the best service possible by guaranteeing more uptime and meeting any budgetary restrictions. With the help of server virtualization services, leaders can be sure they're making the most of their IT investments.