European firm signs on to use IBM's PureSystems program
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European firm signs on to use IBM’s PureSystems program

When it comes to storing data securely, many businesses look to established technology brands to make operations run more smoothly and store data more efficiently.

In one recent example, IBM signed a deal with Altus IT that will result in the firm{'}s implementation of the PureSystems program to help store data on the cloud. The Croatia-based Altus says that it decided to go with the system because it would allow processes to be completed 60 percent faster than before.

"We have selected IBM's smarter computing approach and PureSystems as it offers the ideal platform for our needs," said Goran Doreski, CEO, Altus IT.  "When evaluating systems{,} the better performance, easier management of the IT infrastructure, ability to consolidate scattered infrastructure into one chassis made PureSystems the only choice for a fully integrated solution to accommodate our future growth."

IBM's leadership is confident about its PureSystems products. In a statement, Steve Mills, IBM's senior vice president and group executive of software and systems, said that the program would help clients because it can tighten "the connections between hardware and software," and that it would ultimately save them money.