FBI breaking into big data with tattoo database
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FBI breaking into big data with tattoo database

The use of big data analysis is sweeping through many industries. From poring over statistics to predict the best possible treatment plans for medical patients to using social media opinions to gauge real-time reactions of individual to a newly passed law, the strategy is finding its way into many sectors.

Big data is also being used to fight crime. Recently, Government Computer News reported, the FBI decided to use big data to add to an identification-related database. The organization will be recording the placement and design of tattoos, which will accompany databanks that feature fingerprints, DNA, voice patterns, iris scans and other identifying features.

According to GCN, the government is working with various groups to determine privacy standards and other policies that could affect the records. The source said that the database is set to be ready by 2014 and features other marks, such as scars.

IBM is relatively ahead of the game in using big data to track down criminals. Rather than keeping tabs on miscreants, like the FBI is aiming to do, the computing giant released a software package, the IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis portfolio, to help authorities predict urban areas that were most susceptible to crimes, Network World reported.