IBM chooses EMC for backup support
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IBM chooses EMC for backup support

Businesses that want to stay competitive need to have the most up-to-date storage software to ensure that all data is kept properly. If an improper system is in place, it could end up costing companies lost revenue.

In a recent statement, EMC revealed that it's products would be used to help assist with backup and storage for those using IBM zEnterprise EC12 Mainframe System. Specifically, EC12 users will be able to access EMC's Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VP).

According to the release, the EMC products will be able to assist IBM's zEnterprise EC 12 in a number of specific ways. When it comes to disaster recovery, the EMC DLm8000 will give users the chance to leverage Geographically Dispersed Disaster Restart (GDDR) software and EMC Symmetric Remote Data Facility (SRDF). Used in conjunction, the SRDF and GDDR will give provide a superior level of protection in case of any unforeseen natural or technical issue.

In addition, IBM EC12  users will also be able to get better efficiency and performance by using EMC FAST VP to help gather count-key data in mainframes. It will also help companies "maximize the benefits of Flash drives" as well.  

"EMC is thoroughly committed and continues to innovate for mainframe customers," said Brian Gallagher, an executive in the enterprise data storage division at EMC, "Hybrid cloud and Big Data are forcing organizations to rethink their overall IT infrastructure, including mainframe environments. EMC continues to deliver new innovation for the mainframe community to meet the performance, protection, availability and efficiency requirements."

EMC has been getting high praise for its products, taking home industry awards in recent weeks. The firm took home the Global Technology Distribution Council's U.S. Gold Rising Star, which rated the term tops in terms of firms that recorded more than $500 million in sales each year. The award ceremony took place in Newport Beach, California, and recognized a number of the industry leaders that had been successful in the past year. One of the reasons EMC has been able to find success, according to EMC vice president of American channel sales, Leonard Iventosch, is that the company gives the customers what they want and invests in new innovations.