IBM comes out with new Power7+ products
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IBM comes out with new Power7+ products

Having the proper products for storing digital material is considered one of the most vital aspects of successfully running businesses across a number of different industries. Few firms have been as aggressive when it comes to releasing products to meet the IT needs of companies as IBM.

In one of its recent announcements, the technology giant unveiled a number of different components of its Power7+ program. Among the releases is the SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center 5.1, a management and virtualization platform, released as part of the company's VSC product line. The service will give users the chance  to pay-as-they-go and access EasyTier, SAN Volume Controller v6.4 capabilities and thin provisioning. In addition, they will be able to use FlashCopy Manager v3.2, which includes Global Metro Mirror integration. Finally, the latest version of the SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center will feature Tivoli Storage Productivity

Another newly updated system is the DS8870, a storage system that has three times the capacity of its predecessor. The product has 1 terabyte of usable cache and 16 cores, a 160 percent jump from the previous version of the system. The DS88870 program will also help manage EasyTier as well.

"Easy Tier will manage the solid-state storage as a large and low latency cache for the 'hottest' data while preserving advanced disk system functions, such as RAID protection and remote mirroring," IBM stated in the product announcement. "Also, Easy Tier will use an application-aware storage application programming interface (API) to enable servers to communicate with storage so storage can become aware of application workload needs and use that to optimize data placement."

The SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center 5.1 was released as the newest item in the company's VSC's product line, and is based on the IBM SAN Volume Controller. The management and virtualization platform will help IT professionals manage multiple forms of information more easily.

IBM has been making headway when it comes to other virtualization platforms. A recent study from Solitaire Interglobal Limited, commissioned by IBM, found that the firm's PowerVM system had the highest overall satisfaction rate among large companies.