IBM finding new uses for social media
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IBM finding new uses for social media

The last decade has seen much greater influence and impact through online interactions in the realms of data creation, collaboration, sharing and marketing. Businesses are constantly finding new ways of using the internet to make their companies more visible, viable and creative, and the hottest trend right now in online usage is on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Other pages like Pinterest, Tumblr and Yelp show specific genres of interest and allow companies and consumers to interact with others in their topic field or learn more about specific things.

IBM has seen this as a growing trend worthy of its attention, and in response, the company may soon shut down one of its most trusted brands. The removal of Lotus will make way for new launches and products, mostly centered around mobile and social technology.

Out with the old
PCWorld wrote that IBM's announcement to do away with Lotus and its associated programs would take effect in the middle of December. After that, the company is rolling out updates for its other utilities, Notes and Domino, which together comprise the same facilities as Lotus, but in an online structure. The source reported that IBM is looking to get more involved in cloud deployments for collaborative and sharing purposes, as well as social media channels in order to help companies improve visibility and human resources functions.

The closure of Lotus marks the end of nearly 20 years of service, meaning some companies may be hesitant to roll over into all new programs. IBM's Ed Brill, head of Collaboration Solutions, consoled users by saying that Notes and Domino have been upgraded and made more intuitive to help with the transition. There will be many extra features now, like in-browser functionality with Notes and full social media integration through Domino, so that people can interact with these systems in a familiar setting.

More intuition through social interaction
Companies are still working on ways to intuit what customers want and how to give it to them, making this a major driver in business intelligence software development. Through its use of social media, though, IBM may have found a way to crack the system. On top of its current dedication to these outlets through Domino and Notes, IBM could unravel the BI mystery just by monitoring Tweets.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, IBM will be using feedback from the recent release of the final Twilight film to gauge whether respondents are more upset over how the film itself played out or about the end of the series itself. Researchers told the source that they hope to differentiate between minor differences in verbiage, timeliness and frequency what the actual sentiment behind these posts is, which in turn could be applied to a number of different human resources and customer service applications.

"What we are doing is essentially creating a focus group in real time," said Steve Canepa of IBM. He told the source that developing software that can tell the actual meaning behind a person's words can help a vast number of corporate departments defray their human resources dilemmas, among other uses.

This development will be assisted by and later utilized within the Watson hardware formation IBM pioneered last year, a system that is now being used in high-level public institutions to assist with medical and academic pursuits. If Watson can be given even greater amounts of intuition, it could attain a larger amount of sentience and find new applications in the retail and marketing spheres.