IBM harnesses big data for colossal results at zoo, history center
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IBM harnesses big data for colossal results at zoo, history center

As IT solutions become more advanced, many organizations are no longer satisfied to let large stores of information go underutilized. Today, big data analytics can be used to generate vast improvements in any company's operations, as the insights gleaned with these tools can be used to produce cost savings, boost efficiency and heighten customer experiences. If businesses include analytics technologies in their IT planning, they may be able to achieve new levels of success.

The big difference
IBM recently announced that its big data analytics tools have been integral in driving positive change at educational attractions, including the History Colorado Center. According to the leading technology firm, the museum has used IT solutions to develop more interactive exhibits designed to appeal to the entire family. 

IBM, which helped the History Colorado along with its partner BrightStar, noted that the museum has benefited from a new point-of-sale system that allows it to quickly analyze a variety of data, including information produced from admissions, food vendors, membership sales and more. Additionally, the museum is using tweets and Facebook comments to tailor each customers' experience more closely than ever before. From these varied sources of data, History Colorado is creating strategies for encouraging repeat attendance, as well as devising ways to bring in new visitors. 

Another attraction that has experienced the positive impact of IBM's big data analytics solutions is Washington's Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (PDZA). IBM explained that the zoo recognized many opportunities for using existing records were not being acted upon, and while visitors were talking about the PDZA on social media, it couldn't gain an actionable insight without the proper tools. Along with BrightStar, IBM was able to supply the zoo with advanced big data solutions to take many disparate sources of information and develop real plans for improvement.

"As a zoo, we are now realizing the power of big data and how insights can be gleaned from information ranging from Facebook comments to a retail sale made at our gift shop.  Big Data is delivering new forms of insights to help us better engage the visitor," said Donna Powell of the PDZA. "The collaboration with IBM and BrightStar Partners and the use of big data analytics are helping us better understand visitor preferences while conserving wildlife at the same time."

In fact, the PDZA has seen incredible results since incorporating big data analytics. IBM pointed out that the organization was able to identify when customers were most likely to make online purchases and what they're most liable to buy, and with this information the PDZA has been able to target its marketing efforts. As a result, the zoo's online sales program has grown by more than 700 percent over the last two years.

Organizations can no longer ignore the power of big data. By including analytics tools in any information technology implementation plans, businesses can foster stronger customer engagement and, as a result, produce healthier bottom lines.