IBM introduces Connections 4.0
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IBM introduces Connections 4.0

One of the most popular trends in technology over the past few years has been social media. For many business professionals, these types of collaborative platforms have become more vital than ever. In an effort to take advantage of this, IBM recently came out with a brand-new version of its enterprise social networking software.

The technology firm, also known as Big Blue, released Connections 4.0, which will give business users increased mobile device support, better integration for calendars and emails, an enhanced activity stream and better analytics. The system also includes integration with Lotus Notes-Domino as well as Microsoft Outlook-Exchange.

More updates available

During a recent interview with PCWorld, IBM Social Software product management director Heidi Ambler said that the system would be immediately ready for those who want to use it. She touted the updates and said that people would be able to use the platform on a variety of different products, including Android, iOS and Microsoft mobile devices.

"This new release helps customers grasp the power of social analytics, gives them anytime-anywhere access to the software and provides cutting-edge capabilities," she said.

A faster approach

In a recent column for Forbes, Mark Fidelman writes that the newest version of IBM's Connections featured many improved components. He says that the components in the new program featured tools that were able to better study social data and allow business leaders to make more informed decisions. In addition, he notes that the "tight inline integration" would make it easier to update 3rd party programs without having to leave the program entirely.

Users will also be able to filter what message appear on their Connections page, and can search for staff members from specific companies. This can make networking easier, an important part of any successful career. 

IBM also made other news with social business tools in recent weeks. As Bloomberg reported, the company acquired Kenexa for $1.3 billion. The brand said that the purchase was made to help with its IBM Smarter Workforce initiative. IBM will now be able to give existing customers access to its performance management software, 2X Perform.