IBM purchases Kenexa
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IBM purchases Kenexa

In an effort to expand its presence in the social business market, IBM recently made a major purchase to add to its already large list of 2012 acquisitions.

Bloomberg reports that the firm will buy Kenexa in conjunction with the IBM Smarter Workforce initiative. The source reports that the acquisition will cost $1.3 billion and give IBM a bigger advantage when it comes to the human capital management sector. Since more businesses are using collaborative software to complete tasks than ever before, the computer giant is hoping that it can take advantage by offering existing clients the new products. Kenexa also offers performance management software called 2X Perform.

"This ties very directly into the investments we’ve made in helping clients create enterprise social networks and how we apply analytics," Alistair Rennie, IBM’s general manager of social business, said in an interview with the news outlet. "This idea of how you leverage talent and bring it forward has become a significant operational issue."

IBM is looking to increase profits in other ways, including launching new products. The recently released zEnterprise EC12 will give users a bit more breathing room as they face down escalating capacity demands in the era of big data.