IBM spearheading creation of Minnesota health insurance exchange
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IBM spearheading creation of Minnesota health insurance exchange

IBM solutions have long been at the forefront of healthcare technology. From using big data to help doctors make more informed decisions concerning patient care to using cloud technology to enable safe storage and access of records, the computing giant constantly produces tools for the sector.

More recently, the company has gotten involved in the creation, development and eventual management of the Minnesota health insurance exchange. The IBM Smarter Cities line, which is noted for saving expenses and energy output for various organizations worldwide, will be involved in the planning process. One of the solutions from the line, IBM Curam, will be at the forefront.

Software at the forefront of statewide exchange

IBM Curam will help state leaders integrate new regulations concerning income standards and IRS data into the statewide health insurance options for Minnesota citizens. The software tools have been used by large clients in the past to provide optimized care by enabling idea sharing and more interactive delivery of services.

Experts believe that Curam will also be used in the future to support medical and human service programs that may develop.

"This contract is a significant milestone in the design and development of a Minnesota health insurance exchange. We can now move forward on developing the technology backbone of the exchange, a user friendly tool that will help more than 1.2 million Minnesotans choose the quality coverage they need at a price they can afford," explained Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman.

IBM continues Curam progress 

Curam software is still relatively new to the IBM Smarter Cities line. The computing magnate obtained Curam Software Ltd in December 2011, bringing over the 700 Curam employees to IBM's Software Group.

The Curam Software platform has been used by both government leaders and large scale healthcare providers to lower insurance and medical service costs.