IBM used to develop new retailing strategies
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IBM used to develop new retailing strategies

Hypermarket chain REAL recently chose IBM to collaborate on a revolutionary coupon system for its German customers. The stores, which sell an average of 80,000 items ranging from clothing to food, will be using the computer giant's expertise in creating a new e-coupon offering.

The new solution will allow shoppers to browse the store's coupons on their mobile phones as they peruse the aisles. IBM will be helping the merchandiser develop the 3V – Value Voucher Validation system to allow consumers to link coupons to their Payback membership card in real time, so that the promotions are available by the time they get to the register.

"REAL's e-couponing system demonstrates that retailers can deliver timely and customized coupons so that marketing feels more like a welcomed service," noted IBM global business services consultant Falk Nieder.

IBM solutions have been at the center of many retail operations. For example, as big data analysis becomes more popular, many merchandisers are using large volumes of consumer information to predict purchasing habits and market trends. American brand Elie Tahari recently implemented used various IBM tools to enable the transition and synchronization of consumer data to a warehouse storage facility.