IBM's PowerVM ranks highly in study
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IBM’s PowerVM ranks highly in study

The market for server virtualization products is quite competitive, with many of the leading brands rolling out systems to meet storage needs. In some cases, it can be difficult to know which offerings are best. According to a study from Solitaire Interglobal Limited (SIL), IBM's PowerVM is superior to other companies' offerings on the market.

The report, "Does Your Virtualization Platform Matter?," was commissioned by IBM, and concluded that IBM's program was less expensive to operate, required fewer employees to run it successfully and was more readily available than other programs. As part of the study, SIL looked at seven separate hypervisor products in 61,000 virtual settings.

When it came to customer satisfaction, the SIL study found that PowerVM had the highest overall rate, especially in larger corporations. Medium-sized companies gave Microsoft's Hyper-V the highest satisfaction score, while VMware was second for companies of that size.

End users of PowerVM in large companies had the fewest number of complaints, and the platform was tied for second with other brands for medium-sized company satisfaction. In addition, the IBM virtualziation product scored highest in terms of implementation, meaning that the total time it took for a product to be installed was shorter than competitors. 

"The Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. analysis of operating systems shows that there is a substantial advantage to incorporating the IBM PowerVM offering within an organization’s IT architecture, based on a broad set of business and performance
metrics," the report stated. "The advantages that accompany this inclusion increase the effectiveness of application deployment and translate to real-world positive results experienced and reported by the businesses in this study.

IBM is one of the most aggressive technology companies when it comes to introducing new products. Earlier this month, Big Blue came out with Connections 4.0, an enterprise social network software. The system can be used in conjunction with Lotus Notes-Domino and Microsoft Outlook-Exchange, and seeks to give users better insight. In an interview with PCWorld, IBM's director of product management social software, Heidi Ambler, said that the tool would give businesses the chance to "grasp the power of social analytics."