IBM's PureSystems hopes to build on success
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IBM’s PureSystems hopes to build on success

Many of the largest computer hardware firms in world are looking to expand their global reach by marketing products to companies in emerging parts of the world.

In one recent example, IBM said that it was hoping to expand its PureSystems solutions line into new areas of the world, giving firms in places such as Latin America the chance to see the benefits of having an advanced technology system. For instance, Brazil-based ValeCard turned to the products from IBM as a way to help handle operations related to its business. The firm said that the products had helped them deal with the 40 percent growth it had experienced in just the past three years.

"One of the driving factors behind ValeCard’s growth is our ability to provide clients with customized solutions," said Jose Geraldo Ortigosa, ValeCard’s operations manager. "IBM PureSystems provides us with the latest cloud technology and other key capabilities we need to maintain and accelerate this growth."

In India, real estate firm BPTP has been using IBM PureSystems as well to better serve its clients and make tasks easier for employees. The company, which was established in 2003, decided to sign a contract with IBM because of growing data storage and processing requirements.

The expansion into the global markets is hoping to build on its current success. Big Blue says that its PureSystems products already have more than 700 partners, who use the system on platforms including Linux, AIX and Windows. IBM says that it has been helping clients that sign up for the program by offering extensive training, allowing people to earn technical validation and certification at one of its Innovation Centers.

Once implemented, companies are often impressed with the amount of time the new technology is able to save them.

"Because IBM offers all this technology in one solution, PureSystems provides benefits that are more than the sum of the parts," said Denis Avrilionis, managing director at OneTree Solutions, an IBM client. "Using the new expert integrated system and the patterns of expertise, OneTree Solutions was able to slash deployment of our PriceLenz software from three weeks to eight minutes."

Having the right hardware is key for any company that wants to streamline operations. IBM offers a wide array of products that will save both time and money in the long run.