IBM's zEnterprise EC12 represents a mainframe breakthrough
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IBM’s zEnterprise EC12 represents a mainframe breakthrough

For business that handle a lot of data, having the right mainframe is an essential part of completing daily operations. In a recent release, IBM announced that it would be rolling to a new system that has far more storage capabilities and speed than previous versions.

The recently introduced zEnterprise EC12 has 50 percent more capacity and is 25 percent faster than its predecessor, according to the technology company. The mainframe is able to leverage analytics in order to help increase system security, health,performance and energy-efficiency. Internally, the product has a 5.5-GHz six-core processor, 161 capacity settings, 3TB of memory, 101 cores and an air-cooling system. 

According to eWeek, the new product was created using a more than $1 billion investment from IBM Systems and Technology to fund research at IBM labs in a number of different locations. In an interview with the source, IBM's general manager for System z, David Balog said that customers would be able to use the new technology to help synthesize more information. He also said that the new product was perfect for businesses that are looking to lean more heavily on their computing infrastructure in today's fast-pace world. It's security features will also be vital in keeping information from getting into the hands of the wrong party.

"We continue to drive innovation on System z, allowing a broader set of clients to apply its leadership capabilities in security and resiliency to the current demands of their business, be they from analytics, cloud or mobile computing," Balog said in a statement. "Our end-to-end design approach for smarter computing – from processors to systems to software optimization – is targeted to handle complicated business challenges associated with managing, protecting and analyzing a client's most critical information."

The product is also the first system from IBM to feature Flash Express, a new memory technology. The system will allow technology to improve by improving the availability of information. 

IBM has been making other news with progress in other sectors. Eco-business reported that researchers from the company, along with Tokyo Ohka Kogyo, Solar Frontier and DelSolar are working together to reduce the cost of photovoltaic solar cells.