New IBM security programs introduced to protect cloud data
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New IBM security programs introduced to protect cloud data

As more information gets moved into the cloud, security continues to be a major concern for businesses all over the world. To help get the issues under control, IBM recently announced that it was coming out with a range of new tools designed to better keep track of valuable data and keep mobile programs secure as well.

One of the new systems introduced by the global technology giant is the InforSphere Gaurdium for Hadoop. Those who use the new system can get automated compliance reporting and also control data changes, prevent data leakages and better understand information being collected.

When it comes to enhancing cloud security, IBM introduced SmartCloud for Patch Management solutions. The program can handle a number of different patches at the same time, and can reduce the amount of time spent on the precautions. Those who have signed up to use the system say that it is likely to help better manage security.

"We needed a solution to improve the visibility and transparency of security and audit related data," said Kevin Schmitt, chief information security officer of Molson Coors Brewing Company. "This helped us realize a marked improvement in the company’s security maturity score while saving the organization considerable time and money over an equivalent on-premise solution."

Mobile security in the cloud
In an effort to create a more secure environment for business professionals who are relying more heavily on mobile devices than ever before, IBM introduced Security Access Manager. The new system will help companies manage data on a number of mobile apps and reduce the threat of breaches as well. The company stated that the mobile enhancements will be able to deal with common activities including social networking and other tasks.

Prior to this latest announcement, IBM has been serving clients with other items as well. For example, earlier this month, it announced new components of its Power7+ program, which includes the SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center 5.1. The virtualization and management platform allows business users to take advantage of SAN Volume Controller v6.4 capabilities, Easy Tier and thin provisioning.