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Maximize the benefits of IBM System i with our custom solutions.

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TRAC/400 & UPS/400

TRAC/400 for System i

A Giant Leap Forward in Backup/Recovery 
Providing full media management, rewrite protection and concurrent saves, trac/400 features push-button simplicity for backup of entire applications, even entire systems.

Media Management Across Networks 
trac/400 for System i manages media across multiple System i boxes.

Step-By-Step Guides Recovery
Let trac/400 for System i recover your system or individual libraries and objects. The trac/400 recovery management report lets you know which tapes are needed and where they are located.

Automated Scheduling
The system interfaces with virtually all job scheduling programs, including IBM’s Advanced Job Scheduler.

Automated Configuration
trac/400 for System i provides predefined backup sets that can get you up and running in record time.

UPS/400 for System i

Improves Availability of a System i Power Loss
When the loss of power threatens your System i, you need precisely the kind of “smart” alerts and shutdown control provided by ups/400 for System i. ups/400 for System i constantly monitors your hardware to guard from such threats.

Continuous Online Status
ups/400 for System i provides continuous online status of ups activity and battery power remaining.

Automatic Notification
In the event of a power loss, ups/400 for System i takes control, notifying system operators in any way you specify.

Preloaded Shutdown Procedure 
User-friendly menus and pop-up windows provide a fool proof approach to controlled system shutdown, customized to you.

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