Hospitality businesses favor Infor to boost performance
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Hospitality businesses favor Infor to boost performance

Running a business in the hospitality industry is not as simple as it once was. While years ago, it may have been possible to get by with the help of less advanced technology to manage guest experience, financial operations, bookings and more, it is now necessary for hoteliers to take a more advanced approach to their IT planning. With the help of the right technological tools, it's possible for the companies to exceed their customers' expectations and achieve better bottom lines.

By leveraging Infor solutions, Hotel Clarence and The Red Mill Inn in New York will be able to better serve their guests and boost insight into their everyday functions. Infor noted that these improvements are likely to drive increased revenue due to the establishments' ability to offer optimal pricing for their rooms. Perhaps most importantly, the hotels will be able to achieve these ends in a cost-effective, easy way – Infor noted that by implementing Infor Hospitality, both businesses will be able to reduce their need for in-house IT staff, lower their IT spending requirements over the long term and enjoy the opportunity to scale as needed.

"In order to successfully serve our guests, we needed a new technology platform that would connect all aspects of our business and rid teams of disparate data," said Dan Pigula, managing director at JGB Properties. "Infor really understood the challenges that we were facing and provided us with an answer to overcoming these issues through Infor HMS. Infor's specialized HMS is going to connect our day-to-day activities and provide our staff at both properties with intuitive tools to make business decisions with more confidence, and when they need to be made."

Hotel News Now explained that cloud-based solutions are often the most effective for hoteliers looking to deploy more advanced technologies. The source noted that these options give companies freedom from needing to maintain hardware onsite, which is sometimes problematic. These systems can break down, and if the hotel doesn't have the right IT staff, it's possible that issues can go unaddressed or be worsened by unskilled employees attempting to apply fixes. By contrast, the news source emphasized that using the cloud means hotels can experience more uptime, allowing employees to focus their energy on serving guests.

Especially for hoteliers who don't have a large IT staff, working with a virtualization consultant can be productive. This way, they can be sure they're getting the most out of their IT investments.