Infor enterprise management tools help North Carolina county
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Infor enterprise management tools help North Carolina county

In today's highly technological age, there is little reason to rely on old-fashioned process management methods. While employees may once have maintained an organization's financial operations by manually entering data into records, the implementation of more highly efficient solutions can save time while boosting consumer satisfaction.

Enterprise management technologies can be especially helpful in enabling local government agencies to streamline their operations. Infor recently announced that Buncombe County, a longtime customer in North Carolina deployed the new Infor Lawson Enterprise Management System 10 to increase visibility into and control over financial accounts.

With its upgraded Infor system, the county has been able to leverage a number of tools for significant improvements. For instance, with Infor Smart Reports, staff members now report greater job satisfaction due to the ease with which they can modify and create reports. Additionally, Infor Process Automation solutions allowed the creation of smoother workflows that allow for more effective communication among finance, human resources and IT departments. As a result, Buncombe County saw overall improvements in employee productivity.

"Infor Lawson Financials is used by every department and employee in our organization, and will allow us to automate and streamline multiple functions so we can support other more critical tasks," said Sherri Banks, systems analyst for Buncombe County. "Now we have tools and functionality that will allow our staff to increase productivity, share information more effectively, make decisions faster and provide an enhanced level of service to our employees and constituents."

In the announcement of the Infor Excellence in Action Awards, the business solutions company gave another example of how deploying the Lawson tools can be a part of a highly successful enterprise strategy. The city of Boise, Idaho, used Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management technologies, in addition to several other Infor products, to boost its revenue and customer service. The municipality estimated that it will save $3.8 million over the next 10 years due to higher operational efficiency.

In order to help communities truly thrive, local governments need to have a firm grasp on their finances. IT solutions such as enterprise management tools can aid them in gaining the insights they need to save money, which can be funneled into useful projects that will improve residents' quality of life.