Infor expanding global product impact
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Infor expanding global product impact

The demands of enterprise IT are constantly growing and changing. In order to keep up with all of these needs, companies must continually keep an eye out for the next big product or compatible software upgrade, because older technology does not always best serve the challenges of growing businesses.

Infor recently released new product innovations that can help companies of all kinds meet these demands, ranging from big data management to mobile device security, as these are all primary motivators for enterprise IT. By adding this range of flexibility to its product line, Infor is helping organizations maintain better document safety and control, two things that record compliance needs in order for infrastructure to thrive.

Bigger information cache
The shift toward big data is still in the works, though many companies are now bridging the zettabyte gap and moving into storage capacities never before imagined. As time wears on, some experts forecast that big data will become the norm and the term will cease to exist as corporations accept that terabyte file formation on a daily basis is standard.

On the other hand, a big stumbling block in achieving this end is that not all entities have the right kind of hardware and software to manage such huge amounts of data. Companies that handle this volume of data now are already seeing difficulties in the management process, meaning even if they have large enough data centers, they may not structure it in a way that can derive meaningful use.

Infor EAM has bridged that gap at some of the most high-tech facilities in the world. According to ARC Web, the European Organization for Nuclear Research is making use of Infor's asset management and security resources to cultivate analysis and enhance safety at its Large Hadron Collider location. The research station has built a data mine of more than 1 million assets, drawing on a number of external service providers and power management systems to ensure ongoing support of its massive energy and information overhead. Infor's EAM offering will help anticipate problems in the setup before they occur, as well as helping to cut expenses, detect malfunctions and monitor infrastructure.

On the road
Infor EAM also has mobile connectivity so engineers and IT personnel can keep track of critical systems from any location at any time, and advanced encryption and authentication processes keep unwanted onlookers out of the system. IT Jungle wrote that EAM even has an iPad option, so that no matter what kind of smartphone or tablet a worker has, everyone will be able to access vital statistics and status messages whenever necessary.

Since not every organization is going to handle as much information now as a nuclear research facility, Infor is offering lighter versions of this software as well for other kinds of enterprises. On top of that, it's created a reporting network for its customers that helps identify problems and send requests to the company for added support. Sys-Con Media wrote that Infor Mobile Citizen Request will serve as a crowdsourcing outlet for security references and public addresses, as well as a mobile hub for accessing Infor's customer service tools.

The source wrote that Infor will handle this as a software-as-a-service platform, so users won't have to dedicate extra space or create additional security risks by downloading and storing a client. This will also allow for greater information management, because only authorized users will be able to get into the system.