Companies can get more with less in the cloud
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Companies can get more with less in the cloud

With the help of virtualization consulting services, companies around the world are deploying the cloud to achieve a range of important benefits. But, while there are many businesses already taking this step, there are many more still apprehensive about taking the leap. The cloud still carries inherent risks that organizations are unsure they wish to take, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that the advantages are likely to outweigh the drawbacks. With the cloud, any firm can get high quality solutions at a reasonable price.

Best of both worlds
CIO Magazine recently noted that one reason enterprises may still be putting off the transition to the cloud is because they don't realize they can, in fact, enjoy multiple benefits at once. The source explained that when cloud vendors promise that companies can save money while becoming more agile, many leaders likely view their promises as too good to be true.

The news provider explained that the secret to why cloud technologies can produce both of these results simultaneously is that they rely heavily on automation. While manual processes require businesses to hire extra staff to perform essential tasks, cloud computing uses resource APIs and orchestration engines to do the same. CIO Magazine emphasized that automation is the basis of both agility and low cost, and this is why the cloud can live up to the hype it receives.

CIOL reported that in a recent Microsoft study, it was discovered that 75 percent of organizations using the cloud have been able to improve service availability following the transition. Additionally, 62 percent of business leaders said that levels of privacy protection had improved, and 94 percent asserted that the cloud had boosted their security. Not only do these factors enable better customer services, but they also help firms reach compliance with industry standards.

Further, cloud computing may allow businesses to stop thinking so much about daily responsibilities and reach even more important goals.

"The real silver lining in cloud computing is that it enables companies not only to invest more time and money into growing their business, but to better secure their data and to do so with greater degrees of service reliability as well," said Adrienne Hall, general manager of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft.

For enterprises looking to gain a competitive edge no matter their budget, bringing operations to the cloud should be a serious consideration.