Department of Defense calls for cybersecurity software
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Department of Defense calls for cybersecurity software

Cybersecurity is recognized as one of the most important elements of operations in a number of sectors – from finance to healthcare and from government to retail. IT leaders have been kept on their toes while trying to follow best practices to keep consumer and organizational data protected from criminals.

The Department of Defense is spearheading the federal push for robust security standards, as they recently asked for the development of advanced prediction models. According to Government Computer News, the group's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is calling for new programs that monitor social media websites for any potential threats and analyze interactions. The aim is to catch cybercriminals in the recruiting and planning stages before an attack can be completed.

The DOD is offering to fund individuals who develop such software, GCN reported, and will be accepting proposals for tools in late August. The applications will be taken until the end of September.

Other subsections of the DOD are calling for immediate relief for cyberattack risks. According to NBC News, Senator Joseph Lieberman and three other Congressmen recently proposed the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, which would enable more government monitoring of civilian habits. The source said the bill is set to be voted upon within coming weeks.