Fusion of old and new promotes advances
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Fusion of old and new promotes advances

For years, computers have been solely the realm of hard disk drives (HDDs). Now it looks like Apple is trying to change the game, offering a speedier, lighter storage device in its new line of computing products, creating more agile tools for consumer and corporate use.

According to Forbes, the unveiling of the new, smaller Mac lineup showcased the implementation of Fusion Drives, a tool that combines the depth of write space offered by HDDs with the speed of flash memory. Unlike ultrabooks which use solid-state drives (SSDs) like those employed in smartphones and tablets, these Fusion devices have all the power and flexibility of a laptop or PC, yet aren't constrained by the bulk of such tools. Currently, Fusion is only an option for Mac desktops, but as the hardware becomes lighter, experts forecast it could revolutionize mobile computing as well.

Daily Finance wrote that the demise of standard computers denotes this shift toward mobile computing. The source stated that companies like Seagate may continue to experience declines in overall profits, as the tech manufacturer did last quarter, as long as they persist with older, slower devices.