Hiring rates show IT industry thriving
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Hiring rates show IT industry thriving

If there's one thing that is emerging as a business imperative, it's that for companies to achieve measurable success, they need IT experts on board. As IT solutions as a whole become more necessary, this need for professionals on staff will only increase – after all, without these individuals on the team, it can be exceedingly difficult to realize all the potential benefits of advanced IT solutions.

According to a recent study from TechServe Alliance, more IT workers are successfully finding placements. The firm found that, compared to the previous April, IT employment last month grew 5.1 percent. This number took into account the upward revision of March's figures from 0.38 percent growth to 0.58 percent.

Between March and April, the number of IT jobs increased by 0.24 percent. This growth brings the total number of these positions to 4,424,200.

"I am pleased to see demand for IT professionals remains very strong. With April's numbers, IT employment has grown for the 17th consecutive month hitting yet another all-time high," said Mark Roberts, the CEO of TechServe Alliance. "IT continues to handily outperform most other sectors with an annual growth rate of more than three times the growth rate of the general workforce."

One of the reasons hiring may be increasing in the IT industry is that businesses are continuing to realize the many advantages to having advanced solutions at their disposal. Research firm Gartner revealed that worldwide IT spending may reach $3.8 trillion in 2013, a 4.1 percent increase over last year.

This acceleration is largely driven by some of the most popular and important technologies in today's business world. John Lovelock, research vice president at Gartner, noted that while the ratio at which enterprise leaders are purchasing software, hardware and other tools is in constant flux, investments are likely to be focused across a few core solutions, including social, mobile and the cloud. Additionally, more companies are shifting from using servers to focusing more heavily on storage.

IT workers who are versed in using tools specifically tailored for use by businesses may have the most luck in the coming year finding jobs if Gartner's forecast proves true. The firm estimated that overall spending on enterprise software will increase 6.4 percent to reach $297 billion.

Open source technology firm Freelock noted that the benefits to organizations of having access to advanced technological tools are many and varied. For example, they may be able to use new capabilities to reach more potential customers, streamline their operations for cost and time savings, and even improve their relationships with business partners.

While many firms may still be struggling to get the most out of their IT solutions in light of ongoing skills shortages, it is clear that they don't plan to give up quite yet. In fact, companies are increasing their focus on technology as an important component of their overall strategies. With the help of advanced solutions and the right people to leverage them, these firms can ensure that they remain highly competitive in today's markets thanks to their ability to continually innovate.