Iron Mountain buying up competition
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Iron Mountain buying up competition

As one of the leaders in information storage game, Iron Mountain is known for handling a variety of different kind of media management. The company currently provides remote backup tape vaulting and data protection, confidential shredding of physical documents and static disks, virtual file monitoring and compliance checks for corporate databases and number of other products and services aimed at helping organizations of all sizes maintain compliance and continuity practices.

Iron Mountain did not get to be a leader in information management by remaining stagnant, and the company recently announced its acquisition of three of its competitors before the end of 2012. The firm will be re-entering the digital storage race, according to eWeek, after removing itself from that realm almost two years ago.

The source reported that Iron Mountain acquired DATAPROS Storage, IG2 Data Security and Data Backup, three regional entities that each have been responsible for cornering their individual markets. Iron Mountain, based in Boston, now has resources in the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest, giving it immediate presence in nearly every part of the United States. Despite that, a spokesperson for Iron Mountain said that the company has no intention of getting involved in cloud or virtualized storage, focusing instead on big data and digital management.

Different kinds of momentum
As part of the big data equation, many other providers have been busy this year developing digital storage options to handle this influx in daily information volumes. For instance, Western Digital just revealed it had come up with a better version of traditional magnetic tape storage, according to Daily Tech, as well as a recent announcement from the company that it will partner with Quantum to enhance its digital options with better encryption and protection software. This new hardware will function on nanoscale magnetic pulses to randomize and reassort pieces of data, which coupled with advanced encryption, will make for fast access and more powerful security than any other provider, the source stated.

Western Digital's move may seem lateral in comparison to Iron Mountain's, but it shows that the company is paying attention to what its customers want. Namely, that the need for protection and security when working with other companies and in third-party structures, like cloud or virtualized server environments, requires more than just basic safety protocols. Where Iron Mountain looks to provide every kind of storage and protection, Western Digital is focusing on making its particular product better.

Fighting the information battle
Companies like Iron Mountain and Western Digital understand that creating tools that help businesses manage their information infrastructure is critical right now, as IT specialists are forecasting additional burdens for corporate databases in addition to what they're seeing right now. The advent of cloud computing and social media in the workplace has resulted in a steadily increasing daily volume, Phys.Org reported, and reports from organizations like the A*STAR Data Storage Institute have stated that annual data production will hit 35 zettabytes per year by 2020.

The source wrote that experts think the best way to tackle these mounds of information is to combine different kinds of rapid-access memory with solid-state resources, like the kind of product arrays that Iron Mountain offers its customers. Adding digital tools to its arsenal stands to make the company an impressive foe for others trying to provide similar services, as Iron Mountain already lays claim to magnetic tape, hard disk, open-shelf and many other facets of information management and storage options that companies may want.