Small businesses get boost from Storwize
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Small businesses get boost from Storwize

Companies of all sizes are in need of solutions that help them store information more quickly, accurately and securely, but small businesses have to accomplish all this on a diminutive budget in comparison to larger entities. IBM has manufactured a solution that could help more of them achieve this goal.

The newest Storwize array from IBM is specifically geared toward small businesses, carrying the lowest price point of any enterprise-ready tool the company has to offer, Computerworld wrote. The device works by mixing disk drives and other solid-state hardware with virtualized server capacity, creating a depth of storage beyond that previously seen in a low-cost deployment.

Most importantly, CRN stated that the new Storwize solution carries a smaller expense but is still running basically the same processes and maintenance software as more costly versions. The V3700 line is just as powerful and flexible in many ways as he V7000 series, performing replication and thin provisioning while also executing self-optimization through flash utilities. It may not have as much storage depth, the source reported, but it's often a good fit for small businesses.