Toshiba building bigger hard disk solutions
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Toshiba building bigger hard disk solutions

As the world of internal storage demands continues to grow, companies are constantly looking for alternative devices that will give them equitable speed and performance without creating much additional financial or maintenance strain. Toshiba is providing tools that play to these strengths, forging hard disk drives that take up less space than their predecessors yet hold far more information.

More space but the same size
TechWeek wrote that Toshiba's most recent unveil introduced the technology world to 4 terabyte hard disks – drives that run just as fast as the previous offering from the company, but don't generate excessive heat or take up extra space. These tools are designed specifically to work with the big data universe that companies like IDC and Gartner have been forecasting for the last few years, calling on an explosion of new files every year between now and 2020.

With more files being created on a daily basis than ever before, companies know that they must take action now to stymie the flow before they are overwhelmed by incoming information. On top of that, businesses are producing and storing more files every day, so older hard disk drives may not be capable of holding all those documents without creating a burden on IT administrators.

Increased data demands will also make speed a factor. TechSpot wrote that Toshiba's 4TB devices suffer none of the slowdown of other large solid-state drives, running at 7,200 RPM, just like the rest of the tech company's line. It also carries two SATA access options, allowing for better retrieval times and less slow-down during the writing process.

The next level
Data Center Dynamics mentioned that the speed and capacity of these new drives makes them ideal for cloud deployments and hybrid solutions meant to operate in virtual deployment environments. The source wrote that the 4TB drives represent a 50 percent boost in size and performance to their predecessors, with nearly 20 percent increased transfer rates, making them more reliable and versatile than any other hard disk drive solutions currently on the market.

For companies concerned about data security in the cloud, there are options to purchase the Toshiba drives with self-encrypting technology. This means every bit of the 4TB drive will be covered automatically with a high-tech safety blanket, as any file entering, exiting or dormant on the drives will be impossible for unauthorized entities to read.