Communication leader deploys Microsoft solutions
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Communication leader deploys Microsoft solutions

In order to gain a competitive edge in today's business world, leaders must be prepared to address increasingly difficult challenges. One of these barriers can be communication: How do leaders in one country truly collaborate with those on the other side of the world? Fortunately, with the help of some important IT tools, companies can now connect more easily on a global scale.

Microsoft recently announced that Telefónica, a communication technologies provider, will be deploying Microsoft Office 365 and Yammer worldwide in an initiative to help its employees work together more effectively. By leveraging these Microsoft solutions, the company plans to significantly speed up and streamline operations through more seamless methods of communication. 

Adrian Steel, European production hub lead and global director at Telefónica, explained that since the firm has offices across 24 countries, with employees that speak eight different languages, the ability to instantly translate conversations to the viewer's native language through Yammer will increase the business' ability to deliver value to customers. This option is projected to be budget-friendly as well, as Telefónica estimates it will reduce collaboration services-related costs by up to 20 percent. Additionally, the communication organizations will be able to remain compliant with its many unique security and privacy requirements thanks to their new Microsoft solutions.

"Companies are looking to bring people together across organizational silos and geographies to drive innovation and reduce costs," said Kurt DelBene, president of Microsoft's Office Division. "Moving to the cloud with Office 365 and Yammer makes it easier and faster to collaborate regardless of location or organizational structure. Telefónica is a great example of a forward-thinking organization that understands how the cloud can power its business."

Since Microsoft invested $1.2 billion in Yammer, its enterprise social network, the technology leader has seen firsthand how in-demand communication tools are today. Sales of the solution have skyrocketed, growing 259 percent year-over-year. Additionally, 312 new customers were added. When Microsoft acquired Yammer, it made a number of changes, including integrating Microsoft Translator for real-time language conversion. 

In today's enterprise environment, it doesn't pay to be isolated. In order to work more efficiently and gain valuable insights from global partners, businesses need the right IT solutions for the job. Once those tools are in place, they may be able to power greater innovation than ever before.