Microsoft and Nokia team up for Lumia 920
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Microsoft and Nokia team up for Lumia 920

The smartphone market is considered one of the most lucrative in  the technology sector, with consumers and business professionals alike pouring billions of dollars into the highly advanced mobile tools. And while Apple and Google have sat atop the sector in terms of marketshare for some time now, Microsoft is hoping to make waves with a brand new release with Nokia.

During a recent press conference, the two firms unveiled the brand-new Lumia 920 smartphone that will run on the Windows Phone platform and feature camera technology called PureView. In addition, users will be able to take advantage of longer battery life as well as a wireless battery charger. On hand for the announcement was Nokia executive vice president Jo Harlow, who claimed that the device is the "most innovative smartphone in the world." 

Part of the reason that she made this claim, according to The New York Times, is due to the fact that the phone is easier to see in low light and that users can get access to Nokia mapping tools for more than 200 countries. This could be especially helpful for people who travel on a frequent basis and are unfamiliar with their new surroundings.

According to some experts, Microsoft has quite a bit of work to do in order to take some of the market share from Apple and Google. Part of the Seattle-based firm's advantage is the fact that many are very familiar with the Windows brand.

"Consumer perceptions of the Windows brand have been shaped by PC usage," said Ben Wood of research firm CCS Insight in an interview with Reuters."Much has been made of Windows Phone emerging as ‘the third ecosystem' in mobile. This is a huge task in itself, but Apple's and Google's entrenched positions where consumers have already invested heavily in apps and content makes switching platforms less attractive."

Microsoft has been grabbing other headlines with upcoming product releases. The company is expected to soon unveil the new Surface RT tablet, which will also run on Windows 8.