Microsoft creates healthcare system to link doctors, patients at home
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Microsoft creates healthcare system to link doctors, patients at home

Microsoft solutions located at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Torino, Italy, were recently streamlined with Freescale and Kontron to create a system that can link Freescale's home medicine tools with physicians. Workers at the center used Windows Embedded and Microsoft HealthVault to expand healthcare IT offerings.

This new strategy allows doctors to review a patient's information and provide feedback to the individual, and his or her family members, through the HealthVault program featured on mobile devices.

"This project tries to create a bridge between people with medical problems at home and the hospital where the doctor is located," explained the head of the Italian-based center, Fabrizio Dominici. "From our point of view, this is a perfect scenario for an intelligent system."

Microsoft has been heavily involved in the healthcare sector for some time. The Drug Information Association holds an annual event to recognize companies that use Microsoft tools to expand their capabilities. The organization gives out a Life Sciences Innovation Award to honor firms that leverage tools to better medicine.