Microsoft email changing from Hotmail to Outlook
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Microsoft email changing from Hotmail to Outlook

Microsoft solutions will be changing in the near future, as millions of individuals who use Hotmail as their primary email gateway will soon find. Hotmail will no longer be the go-to for electronic communications needs – the computing magnate is now moving forward with an all-new

Push to remain competitive

Microsoft's corporate vice president of Windows Live Chris Jones recently introduced the new offering in a blog post. Though Hotmail has been one of the most popular email platforms worldwide since 1996, the company is going in a different direction to stay competitive with other corporations, like Google's Gmail, the blog explained.

The Wall Street Journal reported the evolution of the familiar Outlook came from relative stagnation of the Hotmail system in past years. Microsoft also hopes to give users a unique hub that no other email providers have really tapped into – multiple social website and other non-company solutions integration.

According to the source, citing the latest statistics from comScore, approximately 324 million people currently use Hotmail for their communication needs, while Gmail usership is steadily climbing, with 278 million users.

Additionally, according to The WSJ, the new platform will enable easy use on new devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

New look

Part of the draw to the new system is the crisper, clear look, as well as the social media plug-ins that will be incorporated for users. Moreover, account holders will be faced with less advertisements, so they can hone their focus in on the task at hand.

Chris Jones' blog post detailed that the header on the Outlook platform will have 60 percent fewer pixels as compared to Hotmail, which will enable a larger view of the inbox. Users will be able to see 30 percent more messages at once in their inbox, without having to scroll down. Moreover, the decrease in ads will allow individuals more space to regard email details, like longer subject lines and time stamps.

Jones assured that with the drop in ads also comes the guarantee that Microsoft will not be scanning consumer information without permission from messages or shared user information to tailor the banner ads that do pop up.

Social roots

According to Jones' post, emails will now have the option of being directly connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. A Skype button is soon to follow as well. Various updates from the websites can be viewed in the inbox, so emails are guaranteed to be relevant. Moreover, contacts from the various sites will be easily integrated into Outlook and only a mouse click away from a voice call or video conference.

Current Hotmail, MSN mail and Windows Live users should know that their addresses will not be changed, Jones detailed. However, ZDNet noted, Outlook address names are available to users, so those who have invested in their old systems may want to claim their moniker.

The source also noted that is currently just a preview, but eventually Hotmail will be phased out completely, so users may want to make the free upgrade sooner than later to get used to the interface.