Microsoft makes changes to Windows Phone
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Microsoft makes changes to Windows Phone

Microsoft has struggled to a large degree when it comes to competing with other technology companies' mobile phone releases. With the market largely dominated by Apple and Google-based devices, Microsoft hopes to make a new push with the upcoming release of its new Windows Phone 8. However, the consumers who have purchased earlier versions of the phone may feel that they are one generation behind and missing some brand-new features.

In order to find out what customer satisfaction with the Windows 7.8 Phone, Microsoft recently asked on a forum what specific upgrades users of the platform would like to see. Customers will be able to vote for specific changes in the forum, and the proposed changes with the greatest response will likely be implemented. The Next Web reports that since the forum was introduced, more than 54,048 people have voted on updates they want to see rolled out in the near future.

Though traditionally thought of as a software maker, Microsoft has been launching other hardware products as well. In late October, the company will launch its Surface RT tablet, which will come out on the same day as the Windows 8 Phone.