Microsoft pledges money for cyber protections
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Microsoft pledges money for cyber protections

Cybersecurity is something that leaders of every business have to worry about, but Microsoft is helping promote the establishment of enhanced protection programs. The software giant recently donated more than $250,000 to Vasilis Pappas, a Columbia University student, to fund the development of new protection products.

"The BlueHat prize is more than a competition – it's the future of security defense, where the community comes together to collectively take on some of the toughest problems we face and make the computing ecosystem safer," explained Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group general manager Matt Thomlinson.

Pappas won the BlueHat Prize contest, during which Microsoft leaders award the most innovative cybersecurity tools. Pappas developed kBouncer, a program that uses a recording feature on Intel processors to seek out unauthorized control transfers present in coding structures.

Recently, the company publicly backed a proposed bill that would install federally regulated cybersecurity measures. According to The Hill, Microsoft representatives wrote a letter in favor of the legislation, which would provide incentives for firms that upgrade their security protections to become federally compliant.