Microsoft reaps benefits of Pinnacle partnership
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Microsoft reaps benefits of Pinnacle partnership

Microsoft is possibly one of the biggest software manufacturers in the world, and as such, it knows it must partner with reliable, trustworthy entities. Leaders of the corporation insist on a certain level of expertise and dedication to excellence in its partners that it would want to see in itself. Recently, Microsoft's importance in the world of Pinnacle has grown to a new level.

A release from Pinnacle stated that the business will be expanding its Microsoft-based products, to account for a large demand and ensure they are offering only the highest quality solutions to their clients, which should yield the best results possible. The company stated it feels this move will make IT functions simpler and the jobs of personnel equally easier.

Rob Anderson, CEO of Pinnacle, stated customer demand for collaborative solutions was part of the major push toward more Microsoft integration.

"Increasing our team to include more Microsoft Solutions personnel was the foremost priority for us as we also continue to increase our footprint across our territories," Anderson stated regarding the shift. This is just the newest development in Pinnacle's 24-year relationship with the software magnate.