Microsoft Surface will come out
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Microsoft Surface will come out

The tablet market is quickly becoming an important tool for businesspeople all over the world. As the potential for revenue grows, many of the leading brands in the world have been developing these products to meet demand. And while Apple has dominated the sector with various versions of the iPad, there are other major technology companies are looking to cash in as well.

One product that is grabbing a fair amount of headlines is the Surface, from Microsoft. The company is rolling out two different versions of the device, the Surface Pro and Surface RT. The former is the more powerful version, and will run on Windows 8 OS and a x86 Intel chip, while the latter will use the Windows RT operating system and an ARM chip.

While the products haven't been officially introduced yet, speculation about the different price points is growing. During a recent interview with the Seattle Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that the cost had yet to be determined, but that they were incredibly powerful machines.

"We haven't announced pricing," he said. "I think we have a very competitive product from the features perspective." He went onto say that Microsoft had entered the "world of much more mobile computing and more mobile form factors." At a certain point, according to Ballmer, it will be hard to tell the difference between what is a tablet and what is a PC.

He went on to say that one of the best ways to keep customers coming back is by creating products that people wanted to buy. However, as most people know, it is also vital for the companies to be able to make a profit on each item sold to build a strong revenue base. The Seattle-based company is hoping that its move toward hardware pays off handsomely.

In addition to the tablet, Microsoft is preparing to launch a brand-new smartphone to add to its product offerings. The Windows Phone 8 is expected to be fully launched in November, according to Tech Radar. The source reports that Nokia is expected to introduce the phone even earlier, sometime in October.