Office 365 helps keep audiovisual systems running smoothly
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Office 365 helps keep audiovisual systems running smoothly

Microsoft solutions were recently chosen by popular Danish luxury audio and video systems maker Bang & Olufsen to manage business operations. Office 365 will be used to streamline various productivity apps, including calendars, emails and other communications between workers to ensure they put out the best quality products.

A general lack of information resources in the area has caused workers to continue to use old programs without updates. The transition to Microsoft offerings was found to be cost effective and easy to use for the business. Travel and IT expenses have come down considerably, and employees can now remotely access company information while away from the office.

"It was easy to integrate Office 365 into our existing work environment and for our employees to start using it right away because they already know tools like Outlook and other Microsoft products," explained Ole Damsgaard, Bang & Olufsen's senior director of IT and shared service center.

More companies are expected to use Office 365 as Sprint will be offering the solution to small business owners on mobile devices, according to eWeek. The source said subscribers can use the cloud-based resources to access Office Web applications, files and a bevy of other features from nearly any Sprint-enabled device.