Staffers use Dynamics CRM to link temps with jobs
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Staffers use Dynamics CRM to link temps with jobs

The United States economy is still reeling from the 2008 recession, which left many Americans jobless. As such, many within the nation's labor force have taken to staffing companies in the hopes of being linked with industries that are in need of temporary workers. This is no easy feat for temp firms, who have had to scale up as more people search for positions.

One in particular, the nationwide company EmployBridge, recently chose Microsoft solutions to make the process easier. The business began using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to move the job finding process online. Adoption allows Microsoft programs that EmployBridge uses to be streamlined, saving time.

Dynamics was integrated into the entire application process, from screening, compiling and testing skills and creating a personality profile. The new system allows individuals to check on the status of their applications remotely, as well as virtually sign documents.

"This solution has helped us serve our applicants and clients even better – and that's always our goal at EmployBridge," explained the company's CIO Chris Loope.

This adoption comes on the heels of the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trust Center, a website created to inform CRM users about best security and privacy practices. The resource should serve to keep client data protected despite online threats that may exist.