Windows Embedded keeps Carl's Jr. fresh
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Windows Embedded keeps Carl’s Jr. fresh

Many Americans get their fast food fix at burger and hotdog joint Carl's Jr. One of the nation's most popular vendors, the company has decided to expand its operations and open 20 new locations over the next 10 years. As such, Carl's Jr. recently turned to Microsoft solutions to make sure its technology is up to the task.

The company recently revealed it would be creating a system using Windows Embedded POSReady. Each Carl's Jr. will have four point-of-sale terminals that use the platform in the kitchen and drive-thru stations, so all employees can track orders and work together to deliver them quickly.

So far, the new system has made good on its promises.

"We're able to take orders more quickly, we're able to process each customer a little faster," said Bill Thorson, vice president of facilities and IT for franchisee SL Investments.

Embedded POSReady can be used by retailers of all kinds. According to the Microsoft website, the software could also be of great help at kiosks, as the program specializes in providing automated customer service and facilitating advanced transactions. Moreover, Embedded POSReady has been used by many retailers to process digital signatures faster.