Pinnacle Business Systems honored with 2012 EMC Velocity Services Quality Award
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Pinnacle Business Systems honored with 2012 EMC Velocity Services Quality Award

As technology advances and the market becomes more competitive, it is crucial that solutions providers continually strive toward excellence. Companies must prove their ability to reliably meet customers needs, and Pinnacle Business Systems has done just that.

Pinnacle recently announced that it was honored with the 2012 EMC Velocity Services Quality Award, which recognizes Velocity Solution Provider partners that have excelled at delivering excellent customer service experiences. 

The EMC Velocity Services Quality (VSQ) program measures this indicator through project-specific surveys. Customers are able to rate the quality of interactions with their service provider. Additionally, the partners participating in this program are a select group of specially trained businesses authorized to deliver a number of advanced EMC technologies. Not only that, but businesses like Pinnacle also enable their customers to get the most out of their solutions by providing value-added services.

"We pride ourselves on our drive and commitment to delivering outstanding levels of customer service to our customers" said Rob Anderson, CEO at Pinnacle. "Celebrating twenty-five years this year, we understand that we have achieved success by differentiating ourselves with our technical expertise and reputation for superb customer support."